Will Trump wipe away our existence? Will TERF’s deny us our basic human rights? Will the gender recognition act stop us from being killed?

Is this really the trans-apocalypse? ...over our dead bodies!

November 10th 2018 bring us Transmissions: Transgender Apocalypse, which is the latest monthly club night ran by and for the transgender, intersex, non-binary+ community at vFd (formerly known as Vogue Fabrics) in Dalston, London.

The apocalyptic theme comes from recent political events that make us feel like the apocalypse is upon us, well at least for trans+ people.

With the Trump administration threatening to erase us from definition, and the gender recognition act 2004 reform being filled in by hateful TERFs, our futures are rather uncertain. Non-binary, ageless witch Yaya Bones will be performing their latest single, Grandchildren. Other performers and DJ’s (DJ S/HE from "Tomboys don't cry" and channel 4’s Cambell Kenneford) are coming together to create a world where we can celebrate and uplift each other, where the rising levels of transphobia can’t flood our souls and drive us to self-hate or suicide.

Transmissions also run weekly workshops every Monday where they provide self-defence classes, counselling, health and employment advice, self love workshops and a safe space for the trans+ community. They have recently threw a Gender Recognition Act Party that was supported by Vice and Stonewall and have hosted the first ever trans woman to be in parliament in the world, Georgina Beyer.

This is the only trans club night in London that is not centered around “tranny chasers.” It’s the only night that is inclusive of trans men, we are centered around solidarity and activism, trans-misogyny is not welcome. We will also have a donations box for QTIPOC to get a taxi home as they are at higher risk of violence.

For one night, we can escape the transgender apocalypse and feel eternal.