On the 15th Feb 2019, Transmissions staged a protest outside the Strand during London Fashion week, to campaign for more meaningful representation in fashion and media. We asked our friends in the fashion industry to help normalise our bodies in mainstream society, to help us tell our stories. We all met VFD to be styled by designer Florence King and her assistants, we met up with the rest of our troops at a Pret A Manger where we were quite the spectacle. Full of excitement and anticipation, we walked to all the major LFW destinations to scope where we could cause the most disruption and settled on the Strand. Techno music was pumping through a speaker as we walked up and down the runway and the crows chanted "What do we want? Trans inclusive fashion! When do we want it? Now."

These kind of ceremonials not only deliver our important messages to society, but they're also good for us to develop confidence, self-worth and self-love. It's not every day that trans people get to be beautiful and celebrated in broad daylight.

Pics by Jeanette Ryan